dia_purple.gif  If you are the surviving child of a deceased adopted person who was born in Illinois, and are over the age of 21, the new law authorizes you to request a non-certified copy of the deceased adult adopted person's original birth certificate through the Illinois Department of Public Healthís Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange ("the Registry").

dia_purple.gif  To request a non-certified copy of the deceased adopted person's original birth certificate, you must:

1. Complete the relevant Registry application forms. (Click here to download copies of the forms you will need.)

2. Prove you are the child of the deceased adopted person and are over the age of 21 by filing a copy of your birth certificate with the Registry.

4. Prove that your parent is deceased by filing a copy of their death certificate with the Registry.

5. Complete a Request for a Non-Certified Copy of an Original Birth Certificate (click here to download this form). You will need to have this form notarized.

6. Mail the completed and notarized Request form along with the application forms for the Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange, all required birth, marriage and death certificates, a photocopy of your driver's license or other government-issued photo ID and a $15 check or money order made out to the "Illinois Department of Public Health" to:

Illinois Department of Public Health
Division of Vital Records
Attn: Illinois Adoption Registry
925 E. Ridgeley Ave.
Springfield, IL 62702-2737

dia_purple.gif  Please note that the new law allows birth parents of adult adopted persons who were born in Illinois on or after January 1, 1946, to request that their first name, last name, and/or last known address be deleted from non-certified copies of an original birth certificate issued during their lifetime.

If one of your deceased parent's birth parents requests that their identifying information be deleted from the non-certified copy of your former spouse's original birth certificate, you may:

1. Request a non-certified copy of your former spouse's original birth certificate that does not include identifying information for that birth parent.

2.Wait until a copy of the death certificate of the birth parent who requested anonymity has been filed with the Registry. Once a copy of the birth parent's death certificate has been filed with the Registry, you will be able to obtain a non-certified copy of your former spouse's original birth certificate which includes that birth parentís identifying information.

dia_purple.gif  All birth parents can express their wishes regarding contact by completing a Birth Parent Preference Form. Your former spouse's birth parents may indicate a desire not to be contacted or express an interest in direct or indirect contact on the Birth Parent Preference Form. They may also have provide non-medical background information.

dia_purple.gif  There is a $15 registration fee associated with the Registry, but registrants who voluntarily complete a two-page medical questionnaire on genetically-transmitted diseases do not have to pay the $15.00 fee.

dia_purple.gif  For additional information about the Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange and/or to download the necessary application forms, please click here.

dia_purple.gif  For a listing of the organizations that participated on the Original Birth Certificate Access Oversight Committee, many of which may be able to provide you with additional information on the new law, and/or post-adoption support, search or counseling services, please click here.

dia_purple.gif The complete text of the new law, Public Act 096-0895, can be found here.

dia_purple.gif Should you have any questions that were not answered on this web site, please email them to: newillinoisadoptionlaw@gmail.com

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